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About & Contancts

Hi, thanks for visit my personal website. My name is Graziano, and I’m a Visual Designer and Art Director based in Milan. I was born in 1988, early enough (thank God!) to see Michael Jordan playing in Chicago Bulls. I graduate in 2013 at NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, where teached also from 2013 till 2015 as a Professor of Art Direction.
After my studies in a Graphic Design High School I had several experiences working in communication agencies, I started working when I was 18 in 2007 till 2009 as a Graphic Designer and Art Director Jr for, a real estate portal, collaborating with the spanish team. After I worked as an illustrator for packaging for a few months and in september 2010 I decided to start University studies. In 2012 while i was in my second year of University, FCB Milan, an international ADV agency call me to offer me a Job; i collaborate with them and they candidate my Poster Money artwork for a the print challenge in Cannes Lions 2012. After this experience i collaborate with other agencies as Filmmaster Events, Creo, Altavia and Equal Design. From january 2014 I started a freelance activity, and i worked for clients like: Bayer, EXPO, BMW, Alessi,  Valvitalia, Vodafone, Electronic Arts, Hearst Magazines, PAM Panorama. One year later I closed my freelance activity and I have started a new adventures as an Art Director at TheGoodOnes, a social media marketing and unconventional advertising agency.

My skills are: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics and Animation, Web Design, Video editing and Compositing and freehand drawing, Ink and watercolor.
I can work on: Advertising Campaigns and Events, New Media, Graphic Design and Visual Artworks, Illustrations, Brand Design and ProductDesign, Websites and Apps, Storyboards, Videos and Animations.

Gain up your communication, contact me! Please.




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+39 349 28 36 680